Roland Gothard, CEO

Roland Gothard has specialized in the financial services industry since 2002.  He has dealt with all aspects of debt (secured and unsecured) and liens, residential lending, commercial funding, hard money lending and experienced in raising capital for businesses and start-up ventures. He has been responsible for multiple successful start-ups in accounts receivable management, customer relationship management, back office management and full-service business process outsourcing. He is responsible for major client relationships while driving aggressive revenue targets and ensuring strict adherence to rigorous SLA standards. Mr. Gothard demonstrates sound business judgment, innovation in approaching business challenges and translates a strategic plan into operating results. He is responsible for the strategy and performance (economics, compliance and quality) management of multiple companies. He has provided guidance and direction to many clients and executives from Fortune 500 companies across multiple markets in the financial as well as technology sectors.  His passion is championing change through building relationships, process optimization, innovation, staff development, goal formulation and performance reviews for all clients. He is strategic, has foresight and the passion to helping his clients succeed.

Specialties:Raising Capital: Businesses/Start Up Ventures
Strategic Business Optimization, Planning & Initiatives
Project Planning/Analysis
Policies & Procedures Development
Staff Development
Quality Control & Process Improvement
Business Intelligence & Data Mining
JV Agreements
Quantitative Analysis and Advanced Analytics
Financial Modeling
High-level Negotiations & Presentations
Employee Relations/Retention
Cost Management
Information Technology Management


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